[Heather Hardy] - a short doc directed by Anh Vu & Laurent Barthelemy from Ed David on Vimeo.

Directed by Anh Vu & Laurent Barthelemy
Director of Photography - Ed David
Producer- Jason Goldman
PM - Lizzy Mazer
Production company - Psyop and Smuggler

Shot in one day on the Sony F3 and Fs700 with Zeiss ZF lenses. Mostly the 18, 25, 35, 50, 85, and 100mm macro lens.
Shot slog on F3 - I don't know if slog was available at the time on fs700 so maybe shot at cine2.

We had no lights or grip - I really need to do this more - just the maxabeam flare light - it was an interesting challenge - maybe we got lucky but I always get so nervous and want a light or two but this Dogma 95 challenge was interesting especially since I rate the f3 and fs700 at 400 ASA :)
I love filming boxing - also love filming on a tight lens - don't be scared on the tight long lens you can still antipate where focus is and it's more exciting for the viewer. Being safe is never fun.

the LUT I used - was a mixture first of alexa rec 709 filmconvert to Fuji stock - then I went rec 709 to visioncolor kodak 200t to cineon then cineon to Impulz Visionspace and well tweaked a lot here and there and added gorilla gra

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Special Thanks to Attitude, Inc. for the Edit Facilty